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Fellowship of the CORE


CORE NLP is a non-profit, non-dualistic initiative with one soul purpose: the free proliferation of the fruits of the origins of NLP. This intentional fellowship aims to invite people worldwide into the discovery of our natural rights and abilities to develop ourselves into more joyful, resilient and connected beings. To enhance our personal freedom and response-ability in service of human consciousness and to set an example for our children, the people of tomorrow. Half a century ago, NLP was conceived where eastern and western thinking meet. Today more than ever, this may be exactly what the world needs: Connected Original Resourceful Educators, based on the insights of NLP.

Our mission

Our mission is to embrace and harvest the true spirit of all contributors to the creation of NLP and its three legendary originators at its inception: Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik. Brilliant in their own right, it was their collective intelligence, joint rebellion and mutually reinforcing willingness to experiment-observe-adjust that led to NLP. These individual and collective traits contributed most to the realization of this format that turned out to be a catalyst for the advancement of human consciousness and joy. In this spirit, we welcome any like-minded soul to participate in this intentional field, opening up to wholeness and wellness with NLP. Connecting and including anyone willing to profess their sincere love for practicing and spreading the basic tenets of NLP, as a fundamental pathway to enlarge individual awareness and freedom from egoic fear based patterns.

Modeling what works

The beauty of NLP lies in the separation of content and process of human experience, respecting the first and focusing on the latter. This helps us to prevent unwanted and addictive states, such as victimization, or the tendency to blame or save others and to instead create and model resourceful states. Contrasting many approaches to therapeutic change, NLP attaches no value to what our issues are, but only to how we succeed in experiencing them, sometimes over and over again. Not our hypnotizing stories, but the structure behind them and the strategy to induce and collapse them. Thus NLP became the first truly trance-formational approach, allowing us to start recognizing our own trances and - when they appeared to be counterproductive - changing them. And inviting us to take a more pragmatic approach to life and positive change, welcoming what appears to work well and letting go of that which does not.

Our vision

Most of us are easily influenced by our monkey mind’s ongoing self talk and the huge variety of external stimuli that come in through our senses every day, triggering unwanted responses and trances. Some of us seem trapped into stress-related suffering without realizing how we can influence our experience for the better. NLP invites us back into the driver’s seat of the vehicle called 'life',  enhancing our ability to respond to triggers and enabling the creation of new life patterns. This does not necessarily mean creating whatever life we think of, but a life which allows for more joyfulness. It means feeling at home in our CORE self, discovering new resources on the go and carefully monitoring – and modeling – what works well. CORE NLP aims to reinstall in ourselves the awareness that we are the creator of our reality, of our model of the world. We are the artist of the artwork in progress: our life.

Honoring the origins

NLP proposed a revolutionary and liberating approach to human experience and change, by exposing our abilities to consciously and unconsciously influence our mental maps. Our deepest intrinsic drive - to assign meaning to what we perceive – was lifted to a totally new ‘Meta’-level. This original approach, to understand and positively change how we create our model of the world, first simply became known as Meta. At the University of Santa Cruz where Meta was born, the students involved in the modeling experiments of Bandler, Grinder and Pucelik were called the ‘meta-kids’. Some of them became the second-generation NLP-developers. It took almost ten years for Bandler and Grinder to come up with the label NLP and by then some of the jewels of the early days had already been lost. CORE NLP restores and incorporates these original fruits for anyone to harvest freely.

Please read our manifest,  send an email for further information or  a request for Fellowship.
Joining the Fellowship

Are you familiar with NLP, do you agree with our manifest and do you wish to publicly express your commitment to the intentions of CORE NLP to the best of your personal response-ability? Then you are most welcome to submit a request for joining our Fellowship. Fellows are allowed access to our Resources pages and free use of a growing body of appropriate educational and promotional materials, as well as invited to share additional resources and ideas on how to evolve collectively, individually and professionally as the future emerges.
Your contact information will not be used, sold or shared for any other purposes other than CORE NLP´s and your listing will be removed at first request.

The Fellowship of CORE NLP is an initiative of Angélique de Graaff and Paul Flier, two Dutch NLP Professionals who answered to an invitation from within for associating with openness, integrity and responsibility within the NLP community and society. We welcome any like-minded soul who acknowledges our perspective on NLP and quality to join this intentional field, opening up to wholeness and wellness with NLP. Whereas any other perspective on NLP is fully respected as another map of the territory, this is no platform for discussing NLP boundaries, quality or individual behaviors.

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DEF CORE NLP logo.png

This seal indicates CORE-NLP Certification and stands for the commitment to dynamic quality and to teach, coach and facilitate change by example. It may be used freely by Fellows of CORE NLP, thereby publicly acknowledging their most sincere intention to adhere to its principles as a pathway to a non-dualistic application of NLP as well as to respecting all people’s models of the world as being equally valid, albeit not equally useful in attaining joy or progress. Or in Korzybski’s words: ‘a map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar structure to the territory, which accounts for its usefulness.’


Please specify your interest below or go to: request for fellowship

Thanks for submitting!

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